Engineering, Architecture and Design Projects

AES multidisciplinary team is highly skilled to elaborate Engineering, Architecture and Design Projects for all kind of constructions and works.

Besides ensuring the project on paper, with every technical specifications, sketches, plans and mockups, we also solve the bureaucratic details, such as mayor’s licenses and required technical advice, and supervice the works execution, especially to assure costs control and compliance with deadlines.

We are ready to give three-dimensional shape to every client’s need, demand and dream, applying innovative and creative solutions after weighted technical analyzes and detailed studies. Our mission is to contribute to improve the quality of life of those who seek us and to increase their capital gains with investments or business.

Our area of expertise and competence moves around the following Infrastructures and Specialties Projects:

Structures of reinforced concrete, prestressed, metallic and wood.
Water distribution.
Drainage of domestic, industrial and rainwater wastewater.
Gas distribution.
Electric energy distribution.
Telecommunications, information technology (ITED / ITUR) and home automation.
Fire safety, emergency plans and auto-protection measures.
Detection and surveillance systems.
Thermal behavior and acoustic behavior.
Energetic Systems for air conditioning of buildings.
Environmental impact studies.
Safety and health in project and in works.