Energetic Certification and Acoustic Assessment

Every property is obliged to present an Energetic Certificate, wether new constructions or older ones, at the time of entering into sales or lease agreements, under penalty of paying a fine.

AES has skilled professionals to proceed to Energetic Certification and to complete the energy performance classification of a house, a flat or any other building.

In addition to issuing the appropriate Energy Certificate in accordance with the law, we also elaborate a preliminary study presenting solutions to improve buildings energy efficiency, therefore saving you money and our environment.

We also have the expertise to issue the proper Acoustic Certification of buildings which is mandatory for a city council license, for instance, but which is also a way of valuing the property in question.

Analyzing the noise indicators, in light of the parameters defined by the law, we perform the Acoustic Assessment thereby detecting any possible problematic situation, either of temporary or permanent type, and moving forward with solutions to protect people’s health and to improve their quality of life.