Industry and Logistics

Industrial and logistic projects require the compliance with strict rules, specifically in the environment, health and safety areas.

Besides, industrial instalations can not be erected anywhere. It is imperative to comply with the Municipal Master Plans regulations, as well as with the required criteria under existing licensing frameworks.

It is up to the engineer and the architect of a project for industry and / or logistics to antecipate possible problems that may come in the way, namely in the legislative obstacles domain. Holding preliminar meetings with the decision makers can be fundamental in this regard, thus expediting the process of obtaining all the necessary authorizations.

This is a construction area where conducting a rigorous preliminary study is of bigger importance to ascertain the fundamental characteristics of the industrial process, in order to be able to get the maximum efficiency of the space in architectonical terms, promoting the best productivity conditions.

Key principle is to bet in materials and innovative solutions that will assure the energetic efficiency and do not require much future maintenance, provinding also high immediate profitability. It is also essential to ensure that the space has suitable thermal and humidity conditions for the machines and / or products or raw materials.

As highly technical requirement projects, it is very easy to see the investment costs skyrocket, which reinforces the importance of having experimented professionals in charge, and able to create ergonomic, efficient and safe work environments, while conciliating the industrial labor with the workers humanity.